Navigating headwinds, China remains anchor for world economy

Xinhua In an otherwise turbulent world fraught with uncertainties, China's steadily expanding economy came as a relief and once again proved its key role in powering global growth.

Party, state institution reform paves way for future development

Xinhua The Party and state institution reform launched in early 2018 has achieved expected results and paved the way for China's future reform measures and development

Int'l forum on U.S.-China relations calls for continued collaboration for win-win progress

Xinhua A high-level international forum on U.S.-China economic relations concluded here Wednesday with calls for continued collaboration between the world's top two economies to proceed with trade negotiations and realize win-win progress.

China-U.S. deal needs both to stay on track, stay sincere

Xinhua China and the United States agreed on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, to restart economic and trade consultations on the basis of equality and mutual respect, after trade frictions since last year.

Equality, mutual respect cornerstone of solving China-U.S. trade issues

Xinhua As Chinese President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump, met last week in Osaka, Japan, the world has seen encouraging signals that trade issues between the two countries can be solved based on equality and mutual respect.

Positive China-U.S. trade, economic relations good news to global economic stability: expert

Xinhua Positive trade and economic relations between China and the United States would have an affirmative advantage to global economic stability, an Ethiopian scholar said on Tuesday.

China's greater opening promises shared prosperity

Xinhua 开元棋牌有没有挂Despite headwinds at home and abroad, policy makers, experts and business leaders at the Summer Davos Forum are upbeat about China's economic prospects, believing the country's further opening-up would promise shared prosperity for the country and the world.

Self-reform: most distinctive character of world's largest ruling Party

Xinhua Boasting a membership of over 90 million and governing an economy with a GDP of over 90 trillion yuan (about 13 trillion U.S. dollars), the 98-year-old Communist Party of China (CPC) still harbors its most distinctive character: self-reform.

Decoding success of Communist Party of China

Xinhua The CPC and socialism with Chinese characteristics have maintained stability and vitality in the tide of global changes.

China, U.S. should jointly expand consensus, narrow differences

Xinhua As China and the United States agreed to restart economic and trade consultations, the world's two largest economies finally returned to the right track to solve their trade issues.

Openness, China's "prescription" to global economic headwinds

Xinhua With the approval of a China-Japan ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) connect mechanism on Monday, China has taken another step to open up its financial market in support of the building of an open world economy.

Self-reforming CPC walks confidently on charted path

Xinhua The 98-year-old Communist Party of China (CPC) is taking new strides in improving and reforming itself to stay vigorous as the People's Republic of China celebrates its 70th anniversary.

A stronger China not destined to seek hegemony

Xinhua Over the decades, China's dynamic economic development has amazed the world. Yet its naturally growing role in global affairs has aroused a narrative of doubt and fear in the West.

CPC's fearless campaign of self-reform

Xinhua The strength and vitality of a political party are determined not only by the successes it has achieved today but more importantly, the capacity to stay vigilant and always ready for tomorrow.

Shanghai Spirit essential to bringing certainty to world

Xinhua The Shanghai Spirit, initiated and followed through by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members, is essential in promoting win-win cooperation and bringing more certainty to the world.

China's trade growth strong enough to resist external pressure

Xinhua Though faced with trade barriers set up by the United States, China's foreign trade remained steady, showing its ability to handle external headwinds.

U.S. trade bullying a wrong move to reduce deficit

Xinhua U.S.-triggered trade frictions failed to narrow its deficit with China, but instead widened the gap, China's customs data of the first five months showed Monday.

U.S. should stop distorting facts after China's white paper

Xinhua One of the most frustrating and disappointing parts in the China-U.S. trade war has been the U.S. side's distortion of facts, which most recently came after China issued a white paper on bilateral trade consultations.

Cooperation still drives China-U.S. relations: diplomat

Xinhua "Confrontation leads us to nowhere and it should not be the option. Thucydides Trap is not and should not be our destined future," Zhang spoke at opening ceremony of the 2019 China-California Business Forum.

Interview: "China a threat to liberal international order" a losing argument

Xinhua China seeks to safeguard and enhance the liberal international order, not threaten it, a think tank expert told Xinhua, refuting the view of some American politicians.

Good ties with neighbors key to prosperity

China Daily China's relations with the United States have been facing difficulties for some time, which has become a major concern for the Chinese people and the international community.

U.S. trade bullying widely opposed by int'l community

Xinhuanet The U.S. trade bullying has been met with wide criticism from the international community at a crucial time when the global economy is struggling to recover.

U.S. self-contradictory approach leads nowhere

Xinhuanet The United States' pursuing an "America First" policy contradicts its self-proclaimed image of a paragon of "free trade" and "fair trade" and exposes its hypocritical nature.

China will withstand hard times of trade war

Xinhua Given China's well-designed economic plan, unswerving pursuit of high-quality development, and consistent opening-up, the Chinese economy will come through the challenges and risks brought by the trade war.

Interview: "U.S. rebuilt China" claim over-exaggerated

Xinhua The "U.S. rebuilt China" claim touted by American politicians makes no sense both in theory and practice, an official said in an interview with Xinhua.